Microdermabrasion treatments in salon will help to exfoliate and clear the scalp of excessive flakes. This will help to create a good environment for the hair to grow healthy and strong. The Microdermabrasion treatment revitalizes the scalp and increases cellular turnover.

High Frequency treatments are a great add on to any service. The overall use of high frequency improves the scalp’s receptiveness to products or post treatment for hair loss or scalp disorders. Incorporating high frequency treatments will also aid in keeping your scalp healthy. The electrical energy helps disrupt enzymes that cause dormancy in the follicle and break up flaky build up. The treatments also help increase circulation in the scalp to aid in hair growth.

This treatment should not be used on clients who have:

  1. metal implants, a pacemaker or any heart condition
  2. epilepsy
  3. pregnancy
  4. open or broken skin (including wounds or new scars)
  5. fear of an electric current


If you ever have any doubts about your client being able to receive this treatment safely, request they get approval from their physician.

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