Finding a product that can give you soft, manageable hair that is easy to style is like discovering the Holy Grail. The hair care market is currently flooded with options for women to select the products or cocktail of products that will work best for them. With the recent popularity of “no-poo” hair care regimens and “cleansing conditioners” many women have neglected the basic practice of conditioning hair the “good ol’ fashion way.” So I would like to remind you why it is important to condition your hair on a regular basis. Here are the top 4 reasons:

1. Conditioning the hair prevents Tangling and Matting- The hair tangles and mats when the cuticle scales on the hair strand are lifted and catch onto other hair strands near by. Conditioners contain silicones that deposit onto the hair strand helping to smooth down the cuticle scales and prevent interlocking with other hairs.

2. Improves hydration- Porosity refers to the hairs ability to absorb moisture and hair strands that have a high porosity are very dry. This is because the cuticle scales are lifted which allows large amounts of water to penetrate the hair strand but that water evaporates just as quickly leaving the strand dry. The silicones in the conditioners temporarily fill in the spaces in between the cuticle scales to seal in moisture so that it won’t escape.

3. Strengthens the hair shaft- If your hair is limp or breaks easily then you need to deep condition. There are moisture based and protein based conditioners available depending on what your hair needs. Regardless, you need to condition your hair the traditional way to get the best results because a leave-in conditioner alone will not do the job.

4. Prevents damage to the cuticle- A consistent deposit of proteins and moisturizers into the hair strand through deep conditioning will protect the hair from the damaging affects of daily styling manipulation and extreme weather conditions.

Conditioners reduce damage to the hair shaft by doing all of the things above. So remember to show your traditional conditioner some LOVE by deep conditioning regularly. Try adding our AnnCarol Penetrating Conditioner to your hair care regimen and scheduling an appointment for a Steam Condition at our salon to rehydrate your hair.

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